FAQs | Secret Productions |  bags, shelves, frames, baskets, tables, chairs

Q. Hello! I’ve always wanted to buy a few of your handcrafts in the store, however, I wanted to come and visit the place personally. Is there any way I can see your location or get a map?

A. Hi! Thank you so much for sending us your message and question. We appreciate you wanting to visit our place. If you need help with the direction, you can go to the location tab on our website and see the lists of locations where you can find us. If your GPS is open, the map will automatically direct you to the nearest store in your area.

Q. Can I cancel orders?
A. Hello! Thank you for sending us your question. Secret Productions does allow people to cancel their orders if it still with us and has not yet been shipped. However, canceling orders may make you become a bogus buyer. The store does allow three cancelations only but only if the items are not yet shipped. If your cancelation exceeds three times, you will be banned from the store and wouldn’t be able to buy any more. We hope you will not cancel orders frequently so that you can keep buying from our store as much as you want!

Q. Do I have to create an account for this website? If yes, why?
A. Hi, thank you so much for sending us your message. We do require accounts for our customers because of the information needed from the buyers. Other than that, creating an account makes it less hard for people to buy the products they want. All they need to do is sign up, give the required information and they can already buy from us. The account will give them a cart where they can put the items they want to buy. Having an account means they can also be updated with the items’ for processing like shipping and deliveries.