About | Secret Productions | bags, shelves, frames, baskets, tables, chairs

Secret Productions was founded and created by a family. Before it grew, it was first a simple store that started because of a yard sale. The family needed to do something in order to lessen the things in their home. However, not everything sold in this yard sale was their old things; some were created by the family members themselves because they loved doing handicrafts, DIYs, arts, and more. Some of the things they sold were even paintings, photographs, and other things they love creating. The children and even the parents in this family are known for their skills in handicrafts and arts. The people in their neighborhood love this family because of their artistry and creativity and that is why many people were happy they shared their own creations.

After months of sharing their artworks bit by bit, they also managed to plan about creating and building their own shop. Many people were happy about the news especially they are also the reason why the family even planned it. They are the ones who motivated the family to create their own shop and to continue sharing their talents and skills to others. After contemplating about it as a family, they finally decided to do it.

Even when the three children are already studying in college and in high school, they are still able to contribute to the business they created. Now, a few years after, Secret Productions grew leaps and bounds. They hired new people to help them manage the business and they were also able to expand the stores in many places. The family continued to provide services not just their own skills and talents but also the skills of other talented individuals like them. They also loved working for other people because they can make them satisfied and happy with their services.